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The American Journal of Political Science Law and Criminology
Civil law regulation of the provision of legal services to business entities Reforms are a multifaceted and lengthy process, the most important areas of which are the creation of perfect legislation, ensuring its unconditional implementation, improving the legal culture of the population and officials, a clear definition of the rights and obligations of citizens, state authorities and administration. An important role in this process is played by the activities of state authorities and administration, as well as legal services of economic entities. Legal service of these bodies and economic entities - from the process of preparation, legal expertise, adoption of draft regulatory legal acts to ensuring their implementation; conclusion, amendment, termination and execution of business contracts; ensuring the safety of property by legal means; compliance with labor legislation and strengthening labor discipline; protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the relevant authorities and business entities in courts and other organizations; takes an active part in legal education. As you know, the role and importance of the legal service in the formation of the rule of law and civil society is increasing. Therefore, a scientific and practical analysis of issues related to the concept and essence of the legal service, the improvement of the foundations of the legal regulation of its activities, as well as the legal foundations and specifics of the activities of the legal service in foreign countries is required. In addition, there is a need to study the system, legal status and main activities of the legal service based on a new approach. Therefore, along with a systematic study of the legal service system in the Republic of Uzbekistan, its legal status, the main activities of public authorities, economic management and legal services of economic entities, there is a need to develop sound conclusions, proposals and recommendations from the point of view of legal science and practice.
Aziz Palvanov
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