The Course Of Chronic Liver Disease In Patients With Covid-2019 (Literature Review And Own Data)

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Muxamedova Z.R., . (2021). The Course Of Chronic Liver Disease In Patients With Covid-2019 (Literature Review And Own Data). The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research, 3(09), 69–74.


The pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19 has switched medicine around the world on the primary fight against this infection. Patients with chronic liver diseases require increased attention of doctors during an epidemic, since against the background of an exacerbation of their disease, not only the risk of contracting the COVID 19 viral infection increases, but also its more severe course. Patients with confirmed COVID-19 with severe liver damage - high biochemical activity. According to some reports, patients with a severe course of COVID-19 have an increase in ALT levels, a decrease in the number of platelets, a decrease in the level of albumin, and a connection (although not all indicators) with a higher risk of mortality is possible.

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