Prevention & Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases

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Aslam , D. I. ., Jiyanboyevich , Y. S. ., & Ergashboevna, A. Z. . (2021). Prevention & Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases. The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research, 3(06), 180–188.


Cardiovascular disease is a significant problem that humans have always faced, affecting thousands of people's lives and health and taking the lives of many people. Many medical institutions and researchers have regarded it as a significant problem in overcoming the cardiovascular disease.1 Much attention has been paid, so the prevention and treatment level in this area has also been rapidly improved. However, cardiovascular disease still cannot be prevented or treated fundamentally, and it is still a significant danger to human health. All people still hope for breakthrough results in cardiovascular disease.2 This article analyzes the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and has obtained a series of practical and reliable conclusions.

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