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Shokhid Kh. Saidmuratov, . (2023). NON-STANDARD STUDY TASKS USED IN BOTANY TEACHING. European International Journal of Pedagogics, 3(10), 11–15. Retrieved from


Botany, the scientific study of plants, plays a crucial role in understanding the complexities of the plant kingdom and its significance in various ecological, agricultural, and medicinal contexts. Traditional botany teaching methods often rely on lectures, laboratory experiments, and fieldwork to impart knowledge and skills to students. However, recent pedagogical advancements have emphasized the incorporation of non-standard study tasks to enhance learning outcomes and engage students in novel and interactive ways.

This article provides a comprehensive review of non-standard study tasks used in botany teaching, presenting a range of innovative approaches employed by educators and researchers around the world. The review encompasses both indoor and outdoor activities designed to promote active learning, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of botanical concepts. Examples of non-standard study tasks include virtual plant simulations, digital herbariums, gamified learning platforms, interactive plant identification apps, and collaborative problem-solving exercises.

The article highlights the benefits of incorporating non-standard study tasks in botany education, such as improved student engagement, enhanced retention of knowledge, and the development of practical skills applicable to real-world scenarios. Additionally, it discusses potential challenges and limitations associated with implementing these alternative teaching methods, including technological requirements, resource availability, and the need for teacher training and support.

By exploring the diverse range of non-standard study tasks used in botany teaching, this review aims to inspire educators and researchers to adopt innovative approaches and adapt them to their specific educational contexts. It also emphasizes the importance of incorporating technology and hands-on experiences to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of plants, ultimately nurturing the next generation of botanists, environmentalists, and plant scientists.

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