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K.G.L.R. Kumara, ., & N. Jayathunge , . (2023). DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION OF MANGO PULP: ACCEPTABILITY AND STORABILITY OF THE PRODUCT. The American Journal of Horticulture and Floriculture Research, 5(05), 06–09.


Mango pulp is a widely consumed product with a high demand in the global market. The development and evaluation of mango pulp with good sensory attributes and adequate storability is crucial for meeting the growing demand for this product. In this study, we developed mango pulp using ripe mangoes and evaluated its sensory attributes and storability. We analyzed the chemical composition of the pulp and assessed its microbiological quality during storage at different temperatures. Our results showed that the developed mango pulp had good sensory attributes and a shelf life of up to six months at 4°C. The chemical analysis revealed that the pulp was rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, and the microbiological analysis showed that the pulp was safe for consumption. Our findings suggest that the developed mango pulp is a promising product with good acceptability and storability.


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