Results Of Treatment Of Acute Diffuse Purulent Peritonitis Using Laparostomy

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S. A. Ruziboev , ., A. A. Avazov , ., Sh. Kh. Sattarov , ., & A. N. Elmuradov, . (2020). Results Of Treatment Of Acute Diffuse Purulent Peritonitis Using Laparostomy. The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research, 2(11), 66–71.


Currently, despite significant achievements in the field of surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation, the results of treatment of patients with advanced purulent peritonitis remain one of the most intractable problems, almost every sixth patient with acute surgical diseases and injuries of the abdominal cavity is admitted to medical institutions with peritonitis [1,3] Common peritonitis in 17-29% complicates the course of most acute surgical diseases and is the main cause of deaths in surgical hospitals [3,7]. Lethality in advanced peritonitis remains extremely high and reaches 20-39% [1,2,4,5]. In recent decades, great importance has been attached to recording intra-abdominal pressure in purulent pathology of the abdominal cavity. It was found that intra-abdominal hypertension occurs in every third patient with acute surgical pathology and negatively affects the functioning of all organs and systems of the body [1,6,8]. Pathological changes that occur with acute and excessive increase in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) are manifestations of abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) with disorders of the cardiovascular system; urinary disorders, disorders of perfusion of internal organs and the development of intestinal ischemia, which contributes to bacterial translocation and endogenous infection [2,7,8]. Ischemic blood flow disorders of the splanchnic zone are fraught with the development of bacterial translocation and the development of systemic inflammatory response syndrome and multiple organ failure (PON). Unsatisfactoriness with such results gave rise to a fundamentally different approach to the surgical treatment of common forms of peritonitis-the introduction of an open abdominal management method based on the ideas of I. Mikulich (1881), Jean-Louis Faure (1928), N. S. Makoch (1984) and D. Steinberg (1979).


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