The State Of The Cardiovascular System In Patients With Covid-19 In The Early Rehabilitation Period

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Daminova L.T., ., Daminov B. T., ., Muminov D.K., ., & Davron Kadirovich Muminov, . (2021). The State Of The Cardiovascular System In Patients With Covid-19 In The Early Rehabilitation Period. The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research, 3(7), 99–104. Retrieved from


Purpose of the study: assessment of the study cardiovascular status in patients with postcovid syndrome and to determine their relationship with the functional status of patients.

Material and research methods. There were 281 patients under observation, with the presence of clinical manifestations of postcovid syndrome. The comparison group (CG) consisted of 20 patients who had undergone COVID-19 and whose disease ended in full recovery. All patients underwent electrocardiographic (ECG) and echocardiographic (EchoCG) studies. The assessment of the functional status of patients after suffering COVID-19 was carried out using the PCFS method - Post-COVID-19 Functional Status (

Research results. The study revealed signs of cardiovascular pathology according to ECG and EchoCG data in 255 (90.75%) patients with postcovid syndrome. According to the ECG results, cardiac arrhythmias were recorded significantly more often in patients in the main group than in the comparison group (p <0.001). The results of the echocardiography of the study showed that in the patients of the main group, compared with the comparison group, there was a significant increase in the size of the LV and RV of the heart (p <0.05), a decrease in LVEF (p <0.01) and a higher value of the mean pressure in the PA (p <0.05). Patients with a higher PCFS score are characterized by large sizes of both ventricles (p <0.05 for LV and p <0.01 for RV) and low LV ejection fraction (p <0.001).

Conclusion. The present study showed that 255 (90.75%) patients who underwent COVID-19 in the early rehabilitation period have signs of cardiovascular pathology according to ECG and EchoCG data. Patients with a higher PCFS score (significant restriction of daily activity due to symptoms associated with the previous infection and the need for assistance in self-care) had more enlarged sizes of both ventricles and a lower LVEF.

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