Comparison of signs of acculturation in language of mass media

Масудова, Н., & Шомуродова, Н. (2022). Comparison of signs of acculturation in language of mass media. Анализ актуальных проблем, инноваций, традиций, решений и художественной литературы в преподавании иностранных языков, 1(01), 361–362. извлечено от
Н Масудова, Самаркандский государственный институт иностранных языков

Магистрант английского факультета

Н Шомуродова, Самаркандский государственный институт иностранных языков

Научный руководитель



Mass media play a pivotal role in terms of helping immigrants understand the host culture. The theory of
conformity is already predicated on the premise of a transition, whereby immigrant workers lose elements of
their landmark traditions in favor of the idea of elements of a majority culture (i. E. Assimilation)

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Comparison of signs of acculturation in language of mass media

Master student of the English faculty of SamSIFL: Masudova N.D.,

Scientific supervisor: Shomurodova N.M.


Mass media play a pivotal role in terms of helping immigrants understand the host culture. The theory of
conformity is already predicated on the premise of a transition, whereby immigrant workers lose elements of
their landmark traditions in favor of the idea of elements of a majority culture (i. E. Assimilation). Previous
studies have shown based methods tastes induce infinite permutations and impacts expenditure behavior and
attitude. But that said, the effectiveness of social media on user based measures is relatively unexplored,
although the public mission and data sharing available on the internet is implemented for a host of diverse
reasons of course. Last several previous research have shown the shift from a standalone to a website frame
of reference, for which social platforms play an integral segment in immigrants 'telecom, relations. This
investigate merges the view points from a number of leading donors to focus on huge potential and issues for
potential user based measures studies influenced by social. The investigation offers observations into the
influence of social media on buyer based measures
Key words: assimilation, acculturation, ethnocultural, authenticity, adjustment.
As we know acculturation is not a new area of study, as scholars have studied and researched the area since
the 1930s. Though, a communication approach to the study of acculturation has been minimal and only in
recent years a focal point of acculturation research conducted. Yet, communication is deemed to be essential
to acculturation. Communication is considered as the tool assisting immigrants to satisfy their basic personal
and social needs in the new host culture. To acculturate themselves to the new culture, immigrants need to
acquire the host cultural patterns and develop working relationships with the new environment. This cultural
awareness process and then necessary adaptation is facilitated by interactions. To the extent immigrants
master the communication process of the host culture, they will become acculturated. This registration goes
on to describe the investigate of based measures emphasizing the role of internet in interactional. It illustrates
that effective interpersonal and main stream media use are three vital pieces in the strategy of acculturative
stress when foreigners or overseas students motion by one tradition towards another heritage. In explaining
the responsibility of internet, earlier studies have appointed two main perspectives: the oversimplistic
method and the 2d reach. Soon studies assisted the single construct method specifying the use of cast
member internet, and minimizing any use of ethnocultural news, aided fast and reliable move to the new
tradition, while strictly adhering to cultural news inhibited innovation diffusion.
the Internet and media platforms has become much more prevalent lately, the two dimensional methodology
is exhibiting too much informative electricity in the that immigrant workers or foreigners can maintain the
balance between adopting a new heritage and preserving their based on culture roots and authenticity. Some
research findings, but even so, have proposed that it either attitude can indeed be uniformly enforced to the
based methods contextual factors
Even though the Internet and social networking sites have played an integral role in the strategy of based
methods, it should be recognized that the involvement of media, — particularly TV viewing, can indeed be
absolutely vital for foreigners or study abroad to grasp the broadcaster society's values, social standards, and
behavioural traits, especially during the early steps of acculturative stress. And at last, recommendations for
future studies are addressed.
An interconnected, experiential school of thought of main stream media information exchange and the
transition process of foreigners concerns the traditional sequential assertion that brand engagement is a signal
with which immigrants 'based measures is a reply. The psychological adjustment is a biological mechanism
of acclimation, currently happening in and through information exchange; it is the procuring the application
components of the local population. The psychological adjustment is participatory and consistent, growing
and developing in and through the information exchange of migrant workers with the changing area. The
subprocesses of the local population and are of positively significant operational relates to an immigrant's
daily existence are the most impactful in the socialization.
Media, therefore, in operation was to provide the based on culture communication beyond the immigrant's
surrounding environment. The press responsibility relies on the neural correlates of the migrant workers, and
is far more constrained than those that are the types of characters of personal and effective interactions in
restricting ethnic habits. Widespread msm appears to work with effective interpersonal to bolster
acculturative stress and its affect is particularly intense during the early state of all that method.

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Lisoniy sintaktik qolip tuzilmasi

Karimov Yunus Mamaroliyevich

(SamDChTI 2 kurs magistranti)


Hozirgi paytda tilshunoslikda sintaktik strukturalar turlicha tuziladi. Sintaksis tilshunoslikning

bo'limi bo'lib, uning mavzusi tilning sintaktik tuzilishi hisoblanadi. Sintaktik birliklari va ular o'rtasidagi
munosabatlar shakllanadi. Vaziyatlar og'zaki iboralar uchun o'ziga xosdir, chunki har xil shartli ma'nolar har
doim ma'lum harakatlar va sharoitlarga hamroh bo'ladi va leksik jarayonga asoslangan bo’ladi. Iboralar
sintaktik birlik sifatida gapda ifodalanadi. Jumlada iboralar va boshqa so'z birikmalari sintaktik vositalar
yordamida shakllanadi.

Kalit so’zlar

: Lisoniy qolip, sintaktik birliklar, intonasiya, instrumental, kommunikativ birliklar,


Til o‘z kommunikativ vazifasini sintaktik qurilma – gap vositasida amalga oshiradi. Tildagi barcha –

fonetik, leksik, morfologik hodisa ana shu sintaktik qurilishga xizmat qiladi. Biroq bular sirasida leksika va
morfologiyaning til grammatik qurilishidagi ishtiroki o‘ziga xos. Zero, har qanday sintaktik hodisada so‘z va
morfologik ko‘rsatkichni ko‘ramiz. Shu boisdan sintaktik mohiyatni belgilashda leksik va morfologik omilga
tayaniladi. Sintaksis (gr. sintaxys – tuzish, qurish)ning asosi – gap haqidagi ta’limot. Gap, aslida, so‘zning
erkin birikuviga ham asoslanganligi tufayli so‘zning bog‘lanish qonuniyati, so‘z birikmasi ham sintaksisda
o‘rganiladi. So‘z birikmalarini o‘rganish gap ta’limotining tarkibiy qismi, undan ajratilgan holda qaralishi
mumkin emas. Sintaksis so‘zning har qanday birikuvini emas, balki hokim-tobelik munosabatiga kirishgan
erkin nutqiy birikuvning lisoniy mohiyatini tekshiradi. Qaysidir yo‘sindagi so‘zning birikuvi bo‘lgan
qo‘shma so‘z (uchburchak, ertapishar, sotib olmoq), frazeologik birlik (ilonning yog‘ini yalagan, po‘konidan
yel o‘tmagan, ko‘ngli bo‘sh) sintaksisning tadqiq doirasidan chetda qoladi. Chunki ular erkin bog‘lanishga
ega emas. Sintaksis atamasi grammatika atamasining o‘zi kabi ikki ma’noli: 1) tilning sintaktik qurilishi; 2)
grammatikaning tarkibiy qismi. Atamani ana shu ikkinchi ma’nosida qo‘llab, birinchi ma’no ifodasi uchun
sintaktik qurilish atamasini ishlatamiz. Asosiy sintaktik birliklar. So‘z birikmasi va gap – sintaksisning
asosiy birliklari. Shunga ko‘ra, sintaksis ikkida bo‘linadi: 1) so‘z birikmasi sintaksisi; 2) gap sintaksisi.
So‘zning nutqda o‘zaro aloqaga kirishuvidan so‘z qo‘shilmasi vujudga keladi. So‘z qo‘shilmasini ikki
guruhga birlashtirish mumkin: 1) gap (Osmon tip-tiniq); 2) so‘z birikmasi (tip-tiniq osmon). Til jamiyatda
aloqa qilish, axborot uzatish vositasi hisoblanadi. Axborot uzatish esa gap orqali amalga oshiriladi. Demak,
gap fikr ifodalaydi. So‘z birikmasi fikr emas, balki so‘z kabi tushuncha ifodalaydi. (Biroq so‘z birikmasi
ifodalagan tushuncha so‘z ifodalagan tushunchadan farqlanadi.) Кo‘rinadiki, sintaksisning bosh birligi gap,
so‘z birikmasi so‘z kabi bevosita yoki bilvosita uning tashkil etuvchisidir. Sintaktik birlik – gap va so‘z
birikmasi – so‘zning qo‘shilishidan hosil bo‘lishi, bu qo‘shilishning esa turli vosita (qo‘shimcha, yordamchi
so‘z) va usul (masalan, tobe aloqaning turi) orqali yuzaga kelishi sintaksisning boshqa sathlar bilan zich
aloqada ekanligini ko‘rsatadi. Demak, nutqda: 1) so‘zlar o‘zaro sintaktik aloqaga kirishib, tushuncha
ifodalovchi birlik – so‘z birikmasi vujudga keladi. So‘zlarning o‘zaro birikib, tushuncha ifodalovchi birlik
hosil qilish qonuniyatini o‘rganish – so‘z birikmasi sintaksisining vazifasi; 2) so‘z fikr ifodalashga
ixtisoslashgan nutqiy birlik – gapni shakllantiradi. Gap hosil qilish qonuniyati bilan gap sintaksisi mashg‘ul
bo‘ladi [1,26-32].

Fonetika, leksika va morfologiyada bo‘lgani kabi sintaksisda ham lisoniy va nutqiy jihat farqlanadi.

Ma’lumki, lisoniy hodisa bevosita kuzatishda berilmaganlik miqdoran cheklilik, takrorlanuvchanlik,
ijtimoiylik va majburiylik belgisiga ega, u bevosita kuzatishda berilganlik, miqdoriy cheklanmaganlik,

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