Ways To Improve The Organization Of Dental Services For Chemical Industry Workers

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Zhasur Alimdzhanovich Rizaev, ., Rahimberdiev Rustam Abdunosirovich , ., & Nazarova Nodira Sharipovna , . (2020). Ways To Improve The Organization Of Dental Services For Chemical Industry Workers. The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research, 2(12), 35–39. https://doi.org/10.37547/TAJMSPR/Volume02Issue12-07


In recent years, research has been carried out to study the problems of improving the organization of dental care for both the General population and individual categories of industrial workers4,6.


However, to date not carried out in-depth studies on the problems of improvement of dental care to employees of the chemical industry in the new socio-economic conditions of development of industrial complex and reform of the health system, there is no comprehensive study of the current status of dental service medical-sanitary unit (MSCH) large enterprises, comparison of availability and quality of dental care to employees at the place of residence and place of work.


The purpose of this review is to study the dental morbidity of chemical workers, develop measures to improve their dental health and improve the quality of life.


At the present stage of development of the industrial complex of our country, a number of large enterprises have the opportunity to organize dental care for employees, primarily with harmful working conditions, at a higher level. At the same time, the implementation of the preventive orientation in dental care for the working population remains an unsolved problem2,3.


The successful functioning of any medical service in modern conditions is possible only with the optimal interaction of all parts, all elements of the health system depends largely on the level of organization and management of medical institutions to optimize their work7,8.

Keywords: Condition of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, the hard tissues of teeth and paradontium, taste analyzer, unfavorable factors of production.


Material And Methods Of Research: It is planned to conduct a study of 120 workers of JSC "samarkandkime" - the main group, as well as 115 patients who applied to polyclinic No. 10 and are not related to the chemical industry - the control group.

The data that was received was subjected to statistical processing using the Microsoft Excel application package. The reliability of the difference in parameters was determined by the student's criterion.

Results and discussion.Currently, the issues of dental health for workers in various industries are relevant.

Various harmful factors of production can have a negative impact on human health, including on the tissues of the teeth, periodontal, oral and lip mucosa.



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