The Role Of Leptin And Adiponectin In Disorders Of Fatter Tissue In Metabolic Syndrome

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Nelli Rafikovna Uzbekova, . (2021). The Role Of Leptin And Adiponectin In Disorders Of Fatter Tissue In Metabolic Syndrome. The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research, 3(05), 41–44.


In this article, opinions were expressed on the improvement of early-stage diagnostic factors and the optimal pathways of therapeutic treatment, having determined the characteristics of heterogeneous neurohumorals of metabolic syndrome, the clinical manifesto of the disease. The analysis of the study shows that the issues of pathogenesis, clinical features of improving the effectiveness of medicamentous therapy, and treatment-rehabilitation aspects have not been studied perfectly so far. In patients with metabolic syndrome, hypotensive, anti-adipose agents, as well as treatment of statins and improvement of the prophylactic order of prevention of diseases, the issues of which were not studied at the end were discussed.

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