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Rashmi Mishra , . (2023). ACADEMIC STRESS IN STUDENTS: A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW. European International Journal of Pedagogics, 3(06), 28–31. Retrieved from


This comprehensive review examines the phenomenon of academic stress in students, exploring its causes, consequences, and potential interventions. Academic stress is a prevalent issue among students across various educational levels, ranging from primary school to university. This review synthesizes existing research from multiple disciplines to provide a comprehensive understanding of academic stress and its impact on students' well-being, academic performance, and overall quality of life. The review also explores the various factors contributing to academic stress, including high expectations, workload pressure, examination anxiety, and social stressors. Additionally, it examines the psychological, emotional, and physical consequences of academic stress on students' mental health, self-esteem, sleep patterns, and overall functioning. Furthermore, this review highlights potential interventions and coping strategies that can help students manage and reduce academic stress, including time management, relaxation techniques, social support, and counseling services. By analyzing and summarizing the current body of knowledge on academic stress, this comprehensive review aims to provide valuable insights for educators, parents, and policymakers in developing effective strategies to support students in coping with academic stress.

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