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  • Membership in the most influential international organizations in the world, contributing to the improvement and development of their activities, decision-making by organizations and participation in the implementation of certain programs serve as the basis for increasing the prestige of any country in the international arena. It should be noted that today Uzbekistan has made great strides in this direction and is recognized by the world community. In particular, the recent reforms and initiatives of Uzbekistan to develop relations with the United Nations, one of the most influential organizations in the world, deserve recognition. The article describes Uzbekistan's current foreign and international policy and relations with the United Nations and its affiliates.
    Bektosh Berdiev
    56   12
  • The article analyzes the emergence and formation in the normative form of international legal standards of justice for children in international law. The periodization of the normative development of international legal standards of juvenile justice (justice for children) was carried out and a detailed analysis of special international UN documents in the field of justice for children was made. The international legal concepts and the content of the concepts "justice for children", "child-friendly justice", "child-sensitive justice", "access to justice for children" from the point of view of the modern theory of international law are investigated. The paper analyzes the effectiveness of the use of artificial intelligence in the justice system for children and notes the need for an individual approach to each child and when making a decision to proceed only from human awareness, and not only artificial intelligence. The author also notes that the current global growing trends of digitalization of all spheres of society contribute to the further development of the electronic justice system, based on which the emergence of a new concept of "electronic justice for children" in international law is predicted.
    Feruza Miruktamova, Anna Tarasova
    72   5
  • As worldwide temperatures continue to increment and the measure of Co2 comparable stuff in the air is at record level, the critical connections between Gross domestic product development, energy utilization extension and ozone depleting substances emanation increments should be more explored, albeit monetary development and biological capital has been abundantly discussed: Can they today be joined to give both success and ecological maintainability? On the miniature level, many undertakings show that this is for sure conceivable. In any case, on the full scale level, worldwide outflows of ozone depleting substances follow the headway of country abundance intently. The connection is the continually expanding need for more energy, given by petroleum derivatives. The G20 arrangements are presumably impending past the point where it is possible to keep away from debacles.
    Niklaus Lang
    19   4
  • The most important tasks in the field of economic development are attracting foreign investments into the economy of our country, creating favourable conditions for them, providing legal protection and further improving the investment climate. The article analyzes the basic concepts of the international financial centre and its brief history, the views of several scholars from different countries on international financial centres and their types. Prospects for the establishment of international financial centres in Uzbekistan were also studied. This was demonstrated as a result of the analysis of the legal, financial and other possibilities of establishing an international financial centre based on common law in Uzbekistan.
    Ammar Younas, Mukhammad Ali Turdialiev
    116   29
  • The article analyzes the main directions of the foreign policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It also focuses on the measures taken during the years of independence to ensure regional security, take a worthy place in the world community, protect human rights. The content of the initiatives put forward by our country to achieve sustainable development in the new Uzbekistan is revealed.
    Abira Huseynova
    78   3
  • The consequences and reasons of the activities of private employment agencies in regulation of migration in the context of demographic, environmental, social and general legal approaches in society are studied in this article. Migrants who left Uzbekistan to work abroad for twenty-five years, their geography and its main reasons are analyzed. In the last two years, permission for private employment agencies in Uzbekistan to carry out their activities, their activity of sending migrants abroad has been based on insufficient legal and economic protection of migrants. At the same time, various specialists, skilled workers and simply passionate people (creators of their own destiny) left their homeland for political or economic reasons. Some of them leave to earn money temporarily and some leave to live in a new place. As a result, these individuals tried to find their place in another society. The activities of private employment agencies and the reasons for emigration from Uzbekistan show that only through concrete economic and legal measures Uzbekistan can protect its citizens from human trafficking and fraud.
    Bekzod Musaev
    54   8
  • This subject analyses the framework of international law that regulates the flow of people across international borders as regular or irregular migrants. It also equips students to understand the human rights of migrants who live or work in countries outside the state of their nationality.
    Durdonaxon Murodova
    77   5
  • The article analyzes the main directions of the foreign policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It also focuses on the measures taken during the years of independence to ensure regional security, take a worthy place in the world community, protect human rights. The content of the initiatives put forward by our country to achieve sustainable development in the new Uzbekistan is revealed.
    Abira Huseynova
    77   3
  • The article analyzes the international legal status of international organizations, the primary subjects of international law, the status of international relations and legal order with the help of scientific literature
    Rustamjon Imamov
    36   9
  • In this article the essence and relationship between concepts national interest and the international relations in the conditions of globalization in public life is investigated. It is considered that the foundations of any international relation make national interests , their content and its socio-political role
    Khabibullo Khusanov
    30   8
  • Objective: controlled Kinsta the WordPress Hosting [1] According to the site, in 2017, e-commerce accounted for 3.26 percent of global GDP, estimated at $ 2.3 trillion. It is expected that in 2021 this figure will double to 4.5 trillion. By 2040, 95% of total global sales is projected in the form of e-commerce. It can be seen that e-commerce is growing rapidly. Consequently, in the future it will be necessary to fully form and regulate this network infrastructure by the state. In this article, we want to present the results of our study on e-commerce taxation. Research Method: Empirical and theoretical methods were used in this article. The principles and rules of taxation developed by international organizations and various countries, including Uzbekistan, were studied, the impact of tax rates on electronic commerce in different countries on the development of the industry was calculated, and the tax regimes of different countries were compared. In the course of these studies, the method of analysis and synthesis of the theoretical method was used to analyze some specific cases, such as the impact of postal service prices on electronic commerce. In the final part, we formed our ideas using the method of induction and deduction and presented them in a single and complete review. The results of the study. Studies have shown that in the field of ecommerce taxation, there are a number of problems that are growing rapidly. First, tax rates must be set very carefully so that in the future there is motivation for the development of e-commerce; secondly, given the fact that e-commerce occurs on the Internet, it is necessary to determine the incentives for its taxation; thirdly, the fact that the tax rates imposed on electronic commerce are significantly different from regular trade rates is objectionable by other representatives of the industry, etc. In the final section, we described in detail our similar results. Research findings: In short, first of all, the countries of the world need to integrate with each other in collecting taxes on electronic commerce, otherwise there may be a legal basis for double taxation. In addition, if general taxation rules are not developed, tax revenues may be received by the other party. Since in some countries taxes are levied in the countries where they are consumed, in other countries they are taxed at the place where the seller is located
    Lazizbek Makhmudov
    225   125
  • The article discusses the approaches of the US ideology of neoconservatism to national interests, the attitude of neoconservative theorists to international relations and world politics, the neoconservative interpretation of the harmony of foreign policy and national interests, and the conflict with international law
    Abrar Turaev
    254   126
  • This article describes the role of the US ideology of neoconservatism in the system of international relations, approaches to national interests, the methodological basis of modern neoconservative theories
    Abrar Turaev
    84   372
  • This article focuses on the pedagogical and psychological aspects of distance learning. Students receive and process media culture
    Sh Djumanov
    12   8
  • The Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea are bound by traditional relations of friendship and cooperation based on universally recognized principles and norms of international law. Both countries pay great attention to issues of bilateral cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and other fields. The article is dedicated to the successful development of bilateral relations in all areas, which is facilitated by the absence of any political problems between the countries and a solid legal base
    Nigora Talipova
    41   19
  • В статье проанализированы особенности формирования и этапы развития, вплоть до начала ХХ века, торогово-экономических отношений между Китаем и Австралией. Отмечено, что экономические отношения между этими двумя странами является основным составляющим экономической среды в Азиатско-Тикоокеанском регионе (АТР).

    Нозим Муминов
    2   0
  • В статье рассматриваются такие вопросы как, развитие общественных отношений между Узбекистаном и Турцией, совместное историческое развитие двух стран, геополитическое положение, перспективы выхода на новый формат общения.

    Зиёда Сагатова
    2   0
  • В статье представлена информация о реформах, проводимых в сфере здравоохранения Узбекистана в рамках взаимного сотрудничества с государством Турции. В частности, были проанализированы указы и решения, принятые в целях дальнейшего развития данной сферы.

    Зиёда Сагатова
    2   1
  • Вступлением человечества в новую стадию развития цивилизации, которое обострило проблемы его выживания. Это связано с рядом глобальных проблем, порожденных современностью или унаследованных от прошлого. По своему характеру глобальные проблемы современности различны: от угрозы ядерной войны, экологической катастрофы и до различных эпидемии. От растущего раскола мира на «богатые» и «бедные» страны до перспективы истощения традиционных и необходимости поиска новых источников энергии.

    Шукритдин Пахрутдинов , Комил Авазов
    3   1
  • В период влияния на экономику пандемии C0VID-19 мировая традиционная экономика пришла к необходимости перехода к новой «цифровой экономике». Такой переход возможен только в условиях повсеместного внедрения перспективных технологий, а также научнотехнологического ориентира общества на внедрение инноваций. В статье выделяются несколько вариантов регулирования цифровых активов в юридической доктрине, которые в свою очередь разделяются на несколько подходов.

    Лайло Ахмедходжаева
    5   1
  • Yaqin Sharq allaqachon ilm-fan va tarixda yaxshi tanilgan tushuncha. O‘rta asrlarda va zamonaviy davrda Evropaga yaqin bo‘lgan Sharq hozirgi davr bilan taqqoslaganda bir xil mintaqani bildiradi. Shu bilan birga, o‘zgaruvchan atrof muhit, mintaqadagi va dunyodagi vaziyat, shuningdek, ilm fan rivoji mintaqa chegaralari va hatto uning belgilanishi bilan bog‘liq kelishmovchiliklarni oldindan belgilab qo‘ydi.

    Гузаль Кадирова
    20   2
  • В данной статье рассмотрены особенности возникновения миграционного права в Англии. В частности, на основе анализа исторических письменных источников изучены формирование миграционного права как правовой обычай в древней Англии.
    Лукмонджон Исоков
    0   0
  • В данной статье рассмотрены особенности возникновения миграционного права. В частности, на основе анализа исторических письменных источников изучены формирование миграционного права как правовой обычай в древней цивилизации.
    Лукмонджон Исоков
    2   0
  • Цель работы: на основе изучения и обобщения опыта развития сектора ИКТ Китая разработать научно обоснованные предложения и рекомендации, направленные на обеспечение устойчивого роста данного сектора в Республике Узбекистан.
    Методы исследования: в процессе исследования применялись аналитический, исторический, системный и корреляционно-регрессионный методы, а также научной абстракции, сравнительного и 8\¥ОТ-анализа.
    Полученные результаты и их новизна: предложена авторская классификация компонентов сектора ИКТ; выявлены и систематизированы факторы, влияющие на развитие сектора ИКТ; применен комплексный подход к анализу тенденций развития рынка ИКТ в мировой экономике; использован авторский подход к анализу основных этапов инновационной политики КНР в контексте развития ИКТ; произведена оценка производственного и экспортного потенциалов сектора ИКТ, выявлена зависимость роста ВВП Китая от расходов на ИКТ; определены возможности использования положительного опыта развития сферы ИКТ Китая по повышению потенциала данного сектора в экономике Узбекистана;обоснованы предложения, направленные на углубление сотрудничества в области ИКТ между Республикой Узбекистан и КНР.
    Практическая значимость: результаты исследования могут быть использованы в практической деятельности Координационного Совета по развитию компьютеризации и ИКТ, Узбекского агентства связи и информатизации, Министерства экономики, МВЭСИТ, Ассоциации предприятий и организаций информационных технологий Узбекистана и других государственных и не государственных органов, вовлеченных в разработку и имплементацию политики в области развития ИКТ.
    Степень внедрении и экономическая эффективность: основные научные результаты приняты для практического использования в деятельности Генерального представительства Торгово-промышленной палаты Республики Узбекистан в КНР, 1 !редставительствами китайских транснациональных компаний в Узбекистане, специализирующихся в области ИКТ: Huawei, ZTE, а также используются в учебном процессе ТашГИВ.
    Область применения: результаты работы могут быть использованы органами управления при определении и разработке стратегии развития сферы ИКТ, в принятии организационно-управленческих решений, в научно-исследовательской деятельности и учебном процессе.

    Эльёр Махмудов
    0   0
  • Объекты исследования: торгово-экономические отношения между Республикой Корея и Республикой Узбекистан.
    Цель работы: анализ состояния и потенциала узбекско-корейского торгово-экономического сотрудничества.
    Методы исследования: анализ и синтез, метод сравнительных группировок, обобщение, сопоставление, экономико-статистический анализ.
    Полученные результаты и их новизна: положения, выводы и рекомендации могут быть использованы при разработке и реализации документов, проектов, направленных на совершенствование взаимовыгодного корейско-узбекского сотрудничества.
    Практическая значимость: предложения автора могут быть использованы при определении стратегии развития комплекса отношений экономического сотрудничества Республики Узбекистан и Республики Корея.
    Степень внедрения и экономическая эффективность определена использованием материалов и результатов работы учебном процессе в рамках учебных дисциплин «Мировая экономика», «Экономика Республики Корея», «Внешнеэкономические связи Республики Корея» для бакалавров и магистров ио специальности «Корееведение».
    Область применения: сфера торгово-экономического сотрудничества Республики Корея с Республикой Узбекистан.

    Чон Дэ Ван
    0   0
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